Features: South Trail

Features South Trail Every night at Woody's Taphouse in South Trail we offer various nightly features at some of the best prices in town. Monday 4 oz Cheeseburgers $4.49 ea or 2 for $7.00 (4pm-Midnight) $5.25 Import Bottles $4.25 Domestic Bottles $5.00 Highballs Tuesday All day $7.95 steak Sandwich w/ fries $5.00 pints of Pilsner and Budweiser (20oz) Proudly serving AAA Alberta Sirloin Steaks Wednesday 4pm-Midnight 30c Chicken Wings $5.25 Alexander Keiths Pints (20oz) $14.25 Alexander Keiths Jugs (60oz) Thursday 4pm-Midnight 25c Dry Ribs 4pm-Midnight $4.00 Bronto Bones $13.25 Jugs of Canadian, Coors Light, Pilsner, or Budweiser (60oz) Friday 4pm-7pm Two for One Appeteasers ***some exceptions apply*** Grey Goose Martini $8.20 Bombay Martini $8.20 Highball $5.00 $5.00 Rickards Pints (20oz) $14.00 Rickards Jugs (60oz) Saturday All Day Half Price Large Nachos $5.20 Glass Sonora Ranch Red or White Sunday All day $7.95 Steak & Eggs 4pm-Midnight 30c Chicken Wings $7.25 Woodys Sized Caesar (2oz) Mimosa $4.00 Happy Hour Pricing